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Steps to Position the Samples Accurately with the Box Compression Tester

Box Compression Tester

Using corrugated boxes for packaging materials and items is the new norm because of their durability as well as their firm build. these corrugated boxes are built to easily withstand transit & storage mishaps.

The manufacturers of corrugated boxes also have to make sure that they deliver the product that they live up to the expectations of the manufacturers using it. To make sure that these corrugated boxes are durable enough and can withstand transit & storage hazards, it is better to test them beforehand rather than make up for heavy losses after mass production of these boxes.

The Presto Group offers a top-notch lab testing instrument called the box compression tester.

The lab testing instrument is nothing short of an engineering brilliance. The instrument simulates the stacking behavior of corrugated boxes during storage & transit activities.

The simulation of stacking is performed by compressing the box and thus attaining the exact deformation of the corrugated boxes. This allows the operator or the manufacturer of the box to evaluate the durability of the box against stacking. The instrument has made its way into the industry because of its highly accurate & repeatable testing results.

Let us take a look at how the box compression tester works and aids the operator in performing compression tests with absolute facie and minimal or no hassle.

Functioning Process of Box Compression Tester

The box compression testing instrument is designed to simulate stacking with the help of compression plate assembly. The equipment has been an accurate durability measuring tool for corrugated boxes.

To begin with the testing process of the instrument, the most highly important factor is to correctly place the box on the designated sample placement platform.

It is important to make sure that the sample is placed as per the cutout labels carved on the surface of the sample placement platform of the presto box compression tester.

It is crucial for the operator to make sure that the corrugated box does not position out of those cutouts as it is extremely important for the uniformity and even spread of pressure exerted by the compression plate.

Once the specimen is placed as per the necessary requirements and in consideration of the quick start guide, the instrument is turned on with the help of the dedicated on/off button associated with the electrical control panel.

The compression plate with a downward force of either 500 KgF or 1000 KgF (available in both load cell capacities) exerts pressure on the corrugated box. The compression plate is a motorized platform whose movement is governed by a circular lead screw.

The circular lead screw ensures smooth movement of the compression plate at a speed of 12.7 mm per minute as per the necessary standards for testing of corrugated boxes. The lead screw also ensures the back-to-home movement of the motorized platform at a faster speed for expeditious testing.

The box compression tester for corrugated boxes compresses the specimen with the help of its compression plate and once the specimen is absolutely deformed, the instrument due to the incorporation of the limit switches comes back to its original position.

The box compression testing instrument has a microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the force that the corrugated box was able to withstand as well as the deformation that took place due to the force applied to the same. The microprocessor-based display also allows the operator to analyze & evaluate the current results with the previously obtained results for comparison purposes.

The instrument also carries features that must be looked into for a better understanding of the same.

Features of Box Compression Tester

The box compression tester has a lot of features to aid manufacturers from variable industries and assist them in conducting the compression test in order to determine the stacking ability of the box for storage purposes.

The instrument is incorporated with safety switches to avoid overtravel of the compression plate and thus safeguard both the operator as well as the equipment from any kinds of hazards or damage.

The instrument is also equipped with a robust build with mild steel being covered with 7 layers of protection against rusting or corrosion-friendly environment.

The instrument also offers a microprocessor-based display that indicates the pressure exerted on the specimen as well as the deformity that took place by the corrugated box. The display enables the operator to keep track of records with absolute facile and analyze these results with previous results due to the memory hold feature of the instrument.

The feather touch controls imbibed within the electrical control panel also aid the manufacturer in performing the tests single-handedly without any trouble. These feather touch control buttons help in adjusting the speed of the compression plate in order to comply with different standards.

The Presto box compression tester comes with a tag of the finest lab testing manufacturer in the country along with the assurance of manufacturers from variable industries. The instrument has been a trustworthy investment and has helped manufacturers achieve great heights by testing their specimens before they are out for being utilized by consumers.

Buy Box Compression Tester

The Presto Group has come up with this engineering brilliance with sheer hard work that aims at providing manufacturers a seamless experience of testing their manufactured corrugated boxes against compression by simulating real-life stacking through the exertion of force in a uniform manner by the help of the compression plate.

The box compression tester for corrugated boxes is a lab testing equipment that is loaded with high-value features and ensures accurate testing results repeatedly.

To place an order for the lab testing instrument you can simply reach out to us via call or e-mail. The contact details are mentioned below:

Phone number: +91 9210903903


Do not wait any further and enhance the quality of your corrugated boxes before you face hefty losses. We will be extremely delighted to make you a part of the Presto Family and serve you the finest lab testing equipment.

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